what-we-do-public-retailRetail Development

Middlesex Glass recognizes a key element of working in the retail environment is performing work within strict time constraints. Our system is set up to work proactively with our contractors and our retail customers to prevent errors that could delay timely completion of the project.

what-we-do-commercialCommercial and Office Spaces

Quality workmanship is essential in commercial developments. As well as exterior facades; Middlesex Glass offers many interior fit-up applications including; handrails, mirrors, LCD glazing, etc… Middlesex Glass offers well-trained specialists with the skills to meet the most complex architectural glass designs.

what-we-do-publicPublic and Municipal Projects

Middlesex Glass acknowledges publicly funded jobs affect an entire community. As with all projects it is important to minimize miscommunications that could lead to mistakes. Our customized team approach to each project enables us to follow the plan yet adapt quickly to any changes. We have successfully worked with community schools, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, (MBTA) as well as the YMCA.

what-we-do-residentialResidential and Hospitality Projects

Middlesex Glass is experienced in the residential and hospitality areas of glazing. We have successfully completed a series of complex condominium and hotel projects that were completed accurately and on time.

what-we-do-medicalMedical and Healthcare Center Developments

Middlesex Glass distinguishes the varying factors when performing work with medical/ healthcare center developments. Our team focuses on minimal intrusion on patients during installation, meeting standard codes for egress and clean room applications.