Why Choose Glass

low-rez_8029_rt_w3-shop-truckCreated more than 4,000 years ago, glass has been used extensively in a variety of applications since the 17th century. Glass’ inherent qualities, combined with dramatic advancements in glass technology, make it today’s go-to product at the heart of modern architecture, engineering and construction projects. What used to play only a small part in windows is now being utilized as a material in building furniture, walls, doors, gate and partitions.

Glass in architecture has several advantages:

  • • It allows for natural light and maximizes daylight
  • • Glass is naturally energy efficient
  • • With the addition of natural light due to the use of glass, energy use is reduced
  • • Since glass is not a conductor of heat, air conditioning does not have to work as hard to cool an area
  • • Glass is decorative and adds beauty to a building inside and out
  • • Offers spectacular views from inside and out
  • • Glass is versatile, durable easy to maintain
  • • It allows for effective noise control
  • • It is crucial in thermal insulation to keep heat in a building and solar insulation to keep heat out
  • • Glass is fire resistant and waterproof
  • • It offers advanced sustainability
  • • The thickness, size, color and treatment of glass can vary depending on the application
  • • Glass saves space inside a building
  • • It is relatively light weight
  • • It enhances a feeling of openness and appearance of increased space
  • • Glass allows architects and building owners to show their creativity by introducing this versatile and beautiful product into the building plans