At Middlesex Glass, safety is more than a priority; safety is integrated into our business methods and an underlying factor in our success. We strive to not only maintain our high internal standards but to improve with each and every job. This success is evident through the high customer satisfaction and low Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.81.

Our safety motto is simple: With the proper plans, we can work to prevent and reach the ultimate goal, to protect our employees on the job.


Since each Project Manager is involved in the design, management and installation of the project, we create site specific plans to identify hazards and prevent potential injuries on the job. Our Project Managers are knowledgeable about construction and building codes which helps us keep our employees safe beyond the glass industry.


With an emphasis on safety, we are working to go beyond the mandated levels of safety requirements. All Project Managers hired start with a base level of knowledge of the OSHA 10 hour training. We build on this knowledge by doing the following:

• Provide machine specific certification and training.
• Weekly onsite “Tool Box Talks” to help staff work safely.
• Conduct regular on site inspections.
• Maintain machines and equipment with regularly scheduled inspections.
• Work closely with General Contractors to identify hazards and educate staff to proactively protect employees and reduce the possibility and risks of injuries.
• Management has an “open door” policy to promote identifying hazards proactively and quickly work to address safety concerns.
• We ensure that each person has the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Safety starts before the first day on the job in the planning phases and continues after we have finished. At the end of each job, we evaluate our plan objectives to ensure that our safety criteria’s are met and ensure that we have the necessary measures in place to continue to protect our employees.

Middlesex Glass approaches Safety seriously, and continues this commitment to each customer, their site and their job.