From the time Middlesex Glass receives an invitation to bid, our knowledgeable staff of Estimators work closely with clients to determine the most cost effective; efficient materials to achieve the requirements and meet the specifications on a project.

Once awarded a project, our staff of Engineers will begin the drafting process. Using Architectural drawings and Structural drawings, our Engineers will begin to procure details for each varying condition on a project, assisting to locate any potential design problems that could lead to delays in a project schedule. Structural analysis may be completed to ensure the systems utilized will meet a project’s design criteria as well as state design codes.

Our team of Project Managers is constantly involved during the design process, and continues with a project from award to close-out. Responsible for ensuring a project remains on time and on budget, the Project Management works closely with Clients throughout the design, fabrication, and installation processes. Acting as a hub of communication, Project Managers assist in obtaining information to meet the demands of a project. Our knowledgeable staff of Project Managers excel in finding solutions for the inevitable ‘bumps’ in the construction industry, working proactively with other trades on a project.

After receiving final approval on submittals and drawings, our staff of Engineers prepares the project for fabrication. Creating fabrication documents the project is then released to our factory, where our skilled machinists prepare the materials for erection and installation.

Upon completion of fabrication, our assembly line begins production of frames. Quality control is top priority during the manufacturing process ensuring the final product meets or exceed client expectations.