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Ryan Coutu

Engineering Manager

Our Engineering Manager, Ryan Coutu, knows the drafting stage is where our vision begins to take shape and come to life. With over twelve years of experience, Ryan displays a contagious enthusiasm about the entire process of seeing a project through from the initial draft to the finished product.

Encouraging exceptional work in every aspect of what his team undertakes, Ryan oversees the project engineer team from shop drawings, material takeoffs and fabrication packages as well as 3D laser scan processing.

He takes pride in the high quality shop drawings Middlesex Glass is able to provide our customers. With meticulous attention to detail, Ryan and his team ensures accurate dimensions and exact measurements of materials for our fabrication packages providing the shop and field with precise instructions for the building stage.

Ryan values the camaraderie and team spirit here at Middlesex Glass, “I am proud to lead the staff I have, to help them grow and to see the end results in the field that we are able to put together.”

Beyond the initial drafting, the engineering team is also trained to do all the takeoffs, orders, fabrications and CNC programming. This keeps everyone at maximum productivity, and being involved at every stage increases each team member’s sense of being invested in the project as a whole—not to mention keeps our team of engineers sharp.

For Ryan and his team being fully engaged in a project from the initial drawing to the finished product is exhilarating. It’s why they love what they do, and  it’s that spirit that helps us all to be our best and to take pride in the exceptional quality of each member’s work.