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Steve Arsenault

Director of Manufacturing and Logistics

Overseeing the day-to-day production of our fabrication departments, Steve Arsenault is responsible for the prompt delivery of materials to all our active jobs while maintaining the fleet and providing general oversight of the facility. Committed to the success of Middlesex Glass, Steve takes enormous pride in the quality of our work.

Additionally, people management is a significant part of Steve’s role, and our positive team atmosphere is a reflection of Steve’s hands-on engagement and continued interaction with our team

“I am proud of helping to develop a working environment and team atmosphere which is safe for our employees and productive for our clients.” 

The dynamic nature of our work demands that we keep our skills sharp. Every day brings a new set of challenges and opportunities for our team to learn and grow. This also keeps our work interesting. Steve thrives on challenges, solving unique problems as they arise. He utilizes the strength and skills of each team member to tackle each obstacle along the way.

Citing our work on 169 Canal Street as a turning point for our method of fabrication, Steve is happy to discuss the challenges this project offered. The need for team learning and smooth collaboration came into play on this project – Unitizing the curtain wall required our team to strategize and implement the best way to fabricate, handle, deliver and install product within the constraints of the project schedule, and we did just that!

“There were a few obstacles along the way, but it was a lot of fun watching this all come together successfully during the project.”

Knowing the intricate details involved in every task makes seeing the end result especially satisfying. The talent and exceptional work of our team keeps the job exciting.

“We play a critical role in the development of many interesting projects. It’s gratifying to walk around and see different buildings you can point to and say, ‘We built that’.”