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Ted Forgit

Vice President of Estimating & Pre-Construction


Ted’s analytical mind and meticulous attention to detail give Middlesex Glass the edge over our competition. Ted’s big-picture thinking and blueprint literacy make him an essential member of the Middlesex Glass team. Ted has a knack for reading and interpreting project specifications with a sharp eye for discovering potentially overlooked costs and finding sweet spots that unlock hidden profit.


From the initial spark of design and development to the moment we hand off our work to the operations side, Ted oversees all the events leading up to pricing and subsequent award of projects. This includes meeting with owners, architects, and general contractors — from value engineering meetings to working with estimators and formulating levels of pricing, pulling relevant product samples and color charts, and crunching all the data involved in putting together a winning presentation built upon a foundation of precision.


Ted also runs the Quality Control and Efficiency department, where we are constantly looking for ways to improve all facets of our overall operations. From office operations to pre-construction through to the construction phase, Ted is constantly analyzing every aspect. A firm believer in the value of learning through experience, Ted never misses an opportunity to grow and improve.


To set competitive prices while ensuring a profit is a balancing act, and Ted’s analytical mind is an invaluable asset to our company’s health. His precise attention to detail serves as a fulcrum, leveraging the strengths of our team members and company assets against the most minute details in the blueprints and project specifications.

Details are everything, and the level of attention Middlesex Glass offers on the front end is unmatched by our competition. This level of detail saves money for everyone involved in the long run. There are no surprises when it comes to our bids, which is one reason why Middlesex Glass has earned a stellar reputation as the best commercial glass business in the region.

Having been there from the beginning, Ted shares Nick’s sentiment and pride in the transformation of Middlesex Glass into the company it is today. Their portfolio boasts some incredible achievements in commercial glass construction.

Ted earned his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Massachusetts, majoring in Building Materials and Technologies. He has worked in the industry since 2003. When he’s not working, Ted and his family enjoy setting out on adventures, especially weekend trips where they head up north to go skiing or exploring the outdoors of scenic New England.